System for Award Management (SAM) info :

  • Entity Name: Computer Defense Force
  • DUNS Number:078398477
  • CAGE:80TZ7


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  • Validator In a Box Enterprise
    RMF might make your process freeze, but with Vibe it can be a breeze.
  • VIBE

    Built from the ground-up, with a deep understanding of how security practitioners operate.
    Every feature in VIBE is designed to make RMF A&A simple, and intuitive.
    The result: less time and effort to get your system in front of the Accreditor.

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Our Mission

About Vibe

A long career of using the Risk Management Framework (RMF) , acreddidating, and validating systems has led to the relization that things could be better and more efficient. Validator In A Box Enterprise (VIBE) is the solution to the issues inherent to these processes.

VIBE is an easy-to-use program that was made to alleviate the issues and complexities of the RMF process.

All the validator needs to do is answer and input all the required information. Let VIBE handle all the heavy lifting.

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