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Computer Defense Force’s deep industry experience and advanced product line gives you a distinct advantage in RMF compliance.
VIBE Cloud
Our flagship RMF automation product can cut accreditation time by up to 70%. VIBE runs in a secure, IL4-compliant government cloud enclave.
VIBE Desktop
A fully self-contained version of VIBE that can run offline in any environment. Need RMF automation on a secure enclave? No problem.
Custom Solutions
Need something specific? We can customize our product line to fit your business needs. Let us know what you need, and we will take care of the rest.
Validator in a Box Enterprise
How does VIBE work?
VIBE drastically simplifies the RMF process using an advanced toolset and a simple, easy-to-understand user interface.

Slide 1 POWERFUL TOOLS VIBE contains a unique and powerful toolset designed to slash the time to accreditation by up to 70%. Slide 2 Simple user interface VIBE walks you through the RMF process, step by step, using simple questionnaires and wizards. Slide 3 REAL-TIME COMPLIANCE As you progress, VIBE constantly recalculates your results to ensure that you are compliant with as many controls as possible automatically. Slide 4 CUSTOM-TAILORED RMF ARTIFACTS At the end of each RMF step, you are provided with a comprehensive set of compliance artifacts that are fully compatible with industry-standard tools such as eMASS.

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