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We are a software engineering firm focused on creating business automation tools to advance U.S. interests

Since 2018 we have been a visionary and reliable software engineering partner for U.S. government and contractor organizations. Our flagship RMF automation product, Validator in a Box Enterprise (VIBE) has saved thousands of hours of time on tedious accreditation work across the DoD enterprise.

How We Work

VIBE Cloud

VIBE is the apex RMF automation toolkit. Imagine following a simple, guided wizard that produces a complete and professional accreditation package. Now imagine that package comes with end-to-end control traceability and is custom tailored to your enterprise.

VIBE Desktop

Can't access the cloud? Working in a classified environment? We have a fully functional, offline version of our app that can be deployed on any Windows workstation, in any network. VIBE desktop is DADMS-approved and authorized for use on DoD networks.

Custom Business Solutions

Need something specific? We can customize our product line to fit your business needs. With decades of experience in application development and product fulfilment, CDF will build the tools you need to get the job done.
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Always Up-to-Date

We spend our time reading compliance documents and adapting our tools to make sure you are always up-to-date with the latest standards.

Shorter Time to

With our products, you will shorten the time it takes to accomplish the job, which will make you happy and less stressed.

Extensive Industry

We have the technology and industry expertise to make our products actually work (and make your life easier).
RMF steps for getting an Authorization
Computer Defense Force’s extensive industry expertise enables you to stay on top of the RMF process and changes with little to no effort.  We take the stress of all the changes off of your shoulders and keep up with them for you.

RMF STEP 1: Categorize Information System

The Information System Owner assigns a security role to the new IT system based on mission and business objectives. The security role must be consistent with the organization’s risk management strategy.

VIBE is able to assist you in quickly identifying your Information Types and producing the relevant Artifacts you need to continue through the RMF process.

RMF STEP 2: Select Security Controls

The security controls for the project are selected and approved by leadership from the common controls, and supplemented by hybrid or system-specific controls. Security controls are the hardware, software, and technical processes required to fulfill the minimum assurance requirements as stated in the risk assessment. Additionally, the agency must develop plans for continuous monitoring of the new system during this step.

VIBE makes selecting your Controls as easy as a SNAP and creates the artifacts you need to complete this step and move to Implementing your Security Controls.

RMF STEP 3: Implement Security Controls

Simply put, put step 2 into action. By the end of this step, the agency should have documented and proven that they have achieved the minimum assurance requirements and demonstrated the correct use of information system and security engineering methodologies.

Make Implementing your Security Controls easy by using VIBEs built in and customized features designed to Implement all your security controls quickly and easily.  During Implementation VIBE also assists with building all of your Plans and Policies through our custom plan and policy builder.

RMF STEP 4: Assess Security Control

An independent assessor reviews and approves the security controls as implemented in step 3. If necessary, the agency will need to address and remediate any weaknesses or deficiencies the assessor finds and then documents the security plan accordingly.

VIBE makes it easy to assess your security Controls through automated and non automated means.  We have taken the best minds in RMF Authorization and and grouped the test cases into an easy to understand Turbo Tax like format that makes Assessing your security Controls a SNAP.

RMF STEP 5: Authorize Information System

The agency must present an authorization package for risk assessment and risk determination. The authorizing agent then submits the authorization decision to all necessary parties.

Let VIBE take the worry off your shoulders just use our easy export function to export all of your RMF artifacts out of VIBE so that you can use them as artifacts in your Authorization Process.

RMF STEP 6: Monitor Security Controls

The agency continues to monitor the current security controls and update security controls based on changes to the system or the environment. The agency regularly reports on the security status of the system and remediates any weaknesses as necessary.

VIBE has a built in out of the box Administrative Monitoring process so you never get behind on your packages again.  Simply updated the items that are required when they are required and VIBE will provide you with all the updates to your artifacts for easy tracking and remediation.

Current DoD Customers
Meet our Customers

Many of the DoD’s top cyber organizations have chosen to use VIBE to help them speed up their time of delivery, and greatly reduce the amount of effort in getting a package prepared and in front of the Authorizing Official for an Authorization Decision.  Here are a few!

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